Direct Care Staff

Provides support for individuals and/or groups of people with disabilities in residential and/or community settings. Direct Care Staff may provide overnight-awake supervision. Assists individuals supported in identifying and communicating his requests and needs for services and supports. Implements services and supports to address each person’s goals and desired outcomes as identified in the Individual Support Plans (ISP).

Direct Care staff must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Direct Care Staff must have a high school diploma or GED and at least one year experience working with individuals who have IDD/MI diagnosis. Direct Care staff must have a valid driver license and personal vehicle insurance coverage. Direct Care staff must maintain proficiency in trainings and certifications and privileging, as required. Maintain CPR and First Aid certification, Medication Administration (if administering medications), NCI certification, and other trainings as required.

1. Attends and participates in monthly clinical supervision with QP and administrative supervision as needed.
2. Maintains current Innovations Competencies and other trainings as required.
3. Must have a criminal, health care registry, and driving records check completed prior to employment. Annual record checks may also be required.
4. Provides service to meet the habilitation and personal care needs of individuals living in P & W Group Home’s licensed residential setting.
5. Provides assistance, support, supervision and monitoring which allows individuals to participate in home or community activities.
6. Assists individuals supported with acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living, such as personal grooming, cleanliness, bed making, household chores, eating, the preparation of food, social and adaptive skills necessary to enable the individual to reside in a non-institutional setting.
7. Assists individuals supported to identify personal outcomes and accomplish goals listed in the ISP.
8. Understands and promotes individuals supported goals, personal dignity, respect and rights.
9. Provides opportunities for choice and encourages individuals supported to make choices and exercise control over themselves and their environment.
10. Provides support and supervision of the individuals supported to sustain skills gained through habilitation and training.
11. Ensures collection and documentation of required information. Completes Innovations Grids or daily progress notes as required.
12. Performs medication management including monitoring of dosages and side effects. Completes Medication Administration Record as required.
13. Provides transportation for individuals to day programs, work sites, community activities, appointments (when transportation is not included in the service definition).
14. Ensures safety by applying proper intervention techniques to avoid personal injury to self, individuals supported and others.
15. Reports accidents, hazards and needed repairs immediately. Seeks understanding of and follows company policies regarding safety, fire drills, location and use of exits and fire extinguishers.
16. Ensures confidentiality regarding sensitive material.
17. Protects, respects, and advocates for client rights.
18. Reports all incidents of abuse, neglect or exploitation or suspicion of such immediately.
19. Completes shift task checklist as indicated.
20. Notifies supervisor immediately when unable to complete program tasks as outlined and/or when behavior or activities produce unexpected and unusual results or consequences.
21. Practices universal medical precautions by understanding and utilizing personal protective and safety equipment.
22. Assists the home manager with other relevant duties as required.