Mental Health Agency in Henderson, NC

Fostering Independence & Building Bridges

Adult Day Services

Our Adult Day Services are located in Henderson, NC and Oxford, NC. This adult day program helps individuals who are unable to care for themselves to be cared for during the day.

Our Group Home

Our Group Home, located in Henderson, NC, is a home that has 4 adult males living together in a communal space. They work together as a group to lead a normalized life that is fulfilled and happy.

Community Programs

The Community Program partners individuals with disabilities with trained Habilitation Technicians (Hab Techs). The goal of this program is to help the individuals become more self-assured, engaged and as independent as possible.  

Why Choose P & W

P & W Group offers programming that is engaging and our participants look forward to spending their time with us.

P & W Group, a mental health agency in Henderson, North Carolina, was started in 2007. We have several programs that work to bridge people and their communities throughout North Carolina where our goal is to aid in fostering independence for our clients who face challenges. Our programs include an adult day service in Henderson, NC, an adult day service in Oxford, NC, an adult male group home and also community programs where trained staff work 1-on-1 with individuals to foster daily living skills.

Our Mission

The mission of P & W Group is to provide high quality person-centered services which ensure functional outcomes for creative and unique success to participants while bridging the gap between these participants and their communities.

P & W Offers Services that include…

There are often misconceptions about adult who have a mental disability. Here are some facts:

  • “Intellectual disability” (previously known as mental retardation) means that an individual mentally develops at a below-average rate. These people can have learning difficulties and trouble adjusting socially.
  • Intellectual disability (sometimes called “cognitive disability”) is not a disease or a contagious condition.
  • This type of disability which is different in everyone (just like a fingerprint) can be caused by any condition which impairs development of the brain before or during birth or in early childhood.
  • There are more than 250 causes of intellectual disability.
  • In the US, roughly 4.6 million people are identified as having an intellectual disability.
  • Children with cognitive disabilities may develop slower than other children in terms of speaking, walking, and taking care of themselves (showering, eating, dressing).
  • About 25% of cases withmental disability are caused by a genetic disorder.
  • A poll conducted in the UK concluded that “retarded” was the most offensive disability-related word.
  • The majority of individuals affected by these disabilities show only mild symptoms and, with the right support, can greatly improve, learn, and develop.
  • 92% of adults with mental disability live independently or with family members, while 8% live in an institution or group home.
  • In about 25 to 33% of children born with mental disability, the cause is unknown.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please read more here. We are proud to cover many areas of North Carolina including Henderson, Oxford, Huntsboro, Dabney, Williamsboro, Townsville, Stovall, Oak Hill, Hebron, Norlina, Vicksboro, Weldon’s Mill, Warrenton, Watkins, Kittrell, Rocky Ford, Raleigh, Durham, Roxboro, Creedmoor, Butner, Macon, Wise, Louisburg, Franklinton, Wake Forest, Stem, Moriah and other cities in Warren County, Durham County, Wake County, Vance County, Granville County and Franklin County.

What Our Clients Families Say About Us

What more can we say than THANK YOU! You have been such a blessing in our lives and we wouldn’t be able to do so much if it wasn’t for the great care that you take of our daughter. Every day she looks forward to going and we know that she’s well cared for.  You’ve changed our lives and we thank God every day.

Emma P.Henderson, NC

I’ve had my son come to P&W for six years now and he loves being there. He is better adjusted at home now. Keep up the great work.

Anna R.Oxford, NC